PG&E EV Smart Charging Pilot Report

Through 2015 and 2016, Olivine was the project administrator for the PG&E Electric Vehicle Smart Charging Pilot.  A competitive solicitation resulted in BMW selected as the electric vehicle OEM. Olivine’s role included market operational simulations and dispatch including real-time baselining from sub-metered data, settlements calculations, and ultimately pilot incentive payments to BMW.  Olivine DER provided all of this functionality including a user experience for BMW and PG&E personnel to monitor the pilot status.

This project – known to the public and participants as BMW i Charge Forward – is now continuing in a second phase as an EPIC-funded project tackling a broad range of interesting use cases (check back here for updates on that project).

From the report:

The BMW i ChargeForward Project successfully tested the feasibility of using managed electric vehicle (EV) charging as a flexible grid resource. The Project has shown the ability for electric vehicles to provide viable grid services using the vehicle telematics system as a basis for communicating grid messages to vehicles. The grid services demonstrated in this pilot included Day Ahead and Real Time Energy, which were modeled after existing proxy demand resources from the California Independent System Operator.

The final report has been published by PG&E, and can be downloaded here: