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Olivine delivers turnkey energy program solutions, end-to-end market expertise and award-winning DERMS technology.

The Olivine Story – innovation and rapid growth.

The Olivine Story – innovation and rapid growth.

Finally, a clear path to meet your climate action and sustainability goals.

From innovative R&D that unlocks critical advances to next-generation software and expertise – Olivine has the resources, tools and relationships to accelerate the transformation to net zero carbon electrical grid emissions.


Utility Program Management with the Olivine DER™ Platform

Olivine is at the forefront of the electrical industry’s rapid transformation, working with leading clients and partner companies to define the new energy future.

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Technology Partnerships

When the leader in DER program design and optimization joins forces with the world’s top technology innovators, great things happen.

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Research Partnerships

Since its inception, Olivine has stayed ahead of the energy market through our engagements with leading U.S. research and development organizations. One example is Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory’s CalFlexHub project, funded by the California Energy Commission.

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ClimateResponse® provides an actionable solution to combat climate change and drive resilience.

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