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Olivine’s technology wins hands down when it comes to optimizing energy consumption and energy reduction.

The ClimateResponse® Technology Suite underlies Olivine’s SaaS and SaaS + Services as well as our ClimateResponse® Program. The suite leverages the award-winning Olivine DER™ Platform, a comprehensive distributed energy management system (DERMS) designed to lower costs and maximize DER value.

The Award-Winning Olivine DER™ Platform Optimizes Customer Resources for Maximum Impact and Value.

Olivine’s DERMS platform supports all facets of program operations, including


Customer data management

Event notifications

Performance calculations and incentive payments

Wholesale energy market interactions

Integration with DER technology partners and aggregators

Advanced control logic for price-responsive demand and automated demand response (ADR)

Interfaces with other ClimateResponse® tools and applications to enable program participation

ClimateResponse® Technology Suite

ClimateResponse® Increases Customer Participation
Olivine’s enrollment solutions enable streamlined enrollments in demand response programs.

Offered through the ClimateResponse® mobile app, the ClimateResponse® web portal and the ClimateResponse® webstore, our enrollment solutions provide a seamless user experience and a quick and efficient pathway to join a program.

ClimateResponse® App: Olivine’s mobile application, also supported on a web interface, engages and rewards customers for participating in energy savings events. The app allows users to set goals, track their program achievements, access energy consumption data, benefit from energy reduction tips, receive energy event notifications, track earnings, and monitor grid emissions and environmental impacts.

ClimateResponse® Marketplace: The marketplace enables consumers to purchase clean energy products and DER devices that help maximize the impact of program participation. It provides streamlined enrollment into DR programs and manages pre-enrollment of smart devices into those programs.

Olivine’s DER Valuation Model Optimizes Value Streams and Market Participation

Olivine’s DER Valuation Model (DER-VM) performs the analysis and valuation of DER assets to calculate potential energy, environmental and financial benefits of resource aggregations for utilities, technology aggregators, and program participants. DER-VM supports project and program planning, incentives development, optimization of value streams and market participation strategies for a myriad of use cases.

The Olivine Price Server Delivers Digital Price and GHG Signals to Support Dynamic Pricing Initiatives

Olivine’s Price Server enables the calculation and delivery of complex time-of-use and real-time-pricing signals. This includes deep modeling of rate structures and price components utilizing external parameters such as market prices, weather, and other energy provider data streams. Price delivery utilizes several protocols, and can be direct to device, to third party, to utility billing, and to jurisdictional systems responsible for price delivery. Coupled with advanced control logic, Olivine can deliver both raw pricing and optimized control schedules.