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Finally, a clear path to meet your climate action, sustainability and reliability goals.

From innovative R&D that unlocks critical advances to next-generation software and expertise – Olivine has the resources, tools and relationships to accelerate the transformation to net zero carbon electrical grid emissions.


Utility Program Management with the Olivine DER™ Platform

Olivine is at the forefront of the electrical industry’s rapid transformation, working with leading clients and partner companies to define the new energy future. We work cooperatively with utilities, independent system operators (ISOs), aggregators and other resource owners to provide program management, market bidding and award monitoring, telemetry and scheduling coordinator services.

Olivine’s highly configurable DERMS platform offers ultimate flexibility in enabling all aspects of the wholesale market as well as utility-managed grid services and operational simulation while being agnostic as to the specific technology associated with the resource.

Designing first-of-a-kind, proof-of-concept projects, Olivine has developed unique approaches to solving behind-the-meter challenges.

Learn why three of the four largest utilities in the nation choose Olivine.

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Technology Partnerships

When the leader in DER program design and optimization joins forces with the world’s top technology innovators, great things happen. Olivine’s innovative infrastructure and services connect utility clients to the industry’s leading grid experts at the cutting edge of technology development.

Whether your organization’s products benefit our client programs, your innovations advance the state of research or you want to add new participants with controllable technologies to your DR/DER programs your opportunity starts today.

See why Olivine’s technology partner collaborations are successful.

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Research Partnerships

The industry is constantly in flux and customers are challenged to keep pace with evolving goals, regulations, customer requirements, and technology. Since its inception, Olivine has stayed ahead of the energy market through our engagements with leading U.S. research and development organizations.

Want to see where the industry is headed next?

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