Olivine Teams with LBNL on CEC CalFlexHub


Olivine is pleased to announce that as a partner on Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory’s proposal, “Achieving Integrated and Equitable Decarbonized Loads with the CalFlexHub” that our grant submittal has been selected for an award by the California Energy Commission. LBNL’s CalFlexHub team will work together to support the transformation of buildings, energy storage, and EV charging facilities to efficiently integrate and utilize utility customer flexible loads with low-carbon renewable resources to ensure that California’s electricity is affordable, equitable, and reliable. Key partners in this ground-breaking project include the state’s utilities and electricity providers, including the investor-owned utilities, a number of Community Choice Aggregator’s (CCAs), municipal utilities, and the California Independent System Operator (CAISO).

A key component of this project, which Olivine will serve in the lead role, is the development, testing, and deployment of a price communication system that will provide for digital tariffs to be sent to end use devices and support the CEC Load Management Standards. All of the CalFlexHub projects deployed will include the development and testing of a “price to device” capability, as well the capability of devices to receive and respond to greenhouse gas signals, and customized hybrid price and GHG signals. The Olivine developed price and GHG signal server will be connected to end use distributed energy resources at various stages of Technology Readiness Levels throughout diverse geographic and climatic zones throughout the state. Olivine is proud to be working with a number of its existing clients, partners, and strategic industry allies throughout the state who will serve as demonstration site hosts including
Sonoma Clean Power, Clean Power Alliance, Pittsburg Unified School District, UC Berkeley Richmond Field Station, UC Davis, Ecobee, EDF, and MSH Properties.