Olivine Supports Bioswale Sustainable Energy Learning Center at Pittsburg USD


Olivine extends generous support and distributed energy expertise to Pittsburg Unified School District’s Bioswale Learning Center. The Bioswale is the centerpiece of a sustainable energy system that will integrate 9 Electric School Buses, a sophisticated charging system, and 200 kW of on-site solar and wind generation. The system works in harmony to advance the transition to carbon free transportation and increase energy self reliance. The electric school buses bring clean transportation to a diverse community of students and families. The district’s forward looking efforts have turned this project into an impressive learning opportunity for teachers, students and families, where a bioswale includes educational kiosks about renewable energy, energy storage, and electrified transportation. Teachers and students will work together to integrate this facility into the curriculum. 

The project is enabled by Olivine’s EV energy management solution, capable of optimizing for bill management, reduction in carbon emissions, maximizing consumption of on-site renewable generation, and grid support services, including the innovative Excess Supply Pilot program with PG&E. 

Olivine is proud to provide generous financial and technical support to help make the learning center a reality and bring a cleaner world to future generations.