Olivine joins as a founding member of RMI’s “Virtual Power Plant Partnership”

Olivine joins as a founding member of RMI’s “Virtual Power Plant Partnership”

The “VP3” initiative will support the rapid growth of Virtual Power Plants

Olivine Inc. has joined as a founding member of the Virtual Power Plant Partnership (VP3) launched by RMI, a nonprofit dedicated to accelerating the global energy transformation.  Other founding members include General Motors, Google Nest, Ford, OhmConnect, SPAN, SunPower, Sunrun, SwitchDin, and Virtual Peaker.

Virtual Power Plants are an aggregation of Distributed Energy Resources that work together to provide important services to the electric grid. VP3 will work to catalyze industry and transform policy to support scaling Virtual Power Plants in order to advance affordable, reliable electric sector decarbonization and a more resilient electric grid.

Olivine’s experience in deploying VPP projects for some of the largest utilities in the nation, in both residential and commercial customer sectors and with multiple technologies, will be valuable in supporting the goals of the VP3 initiative.  “Olivine is committed to building an energy future where electricity is sustainable, reliable and accessible. Dedicated to developing a stable decarbonized grid in the face of climate change, Olivine has operated as an intermediary for various DERs for more than a decade. We are excited to partner with VP3 to advance the scaling of VPPs in their critical role in achieving this future,” said Beth Reid, CEO of Olivine.

Olivine, along with all other members of VP3, will work to overcome policy, regulatory, and market-based barriers for VPP market growth in the critical months and years ahead.

Learn more at www.Vp3.io.