Announcing the Community Energy Initiative

Olivine is excited to announce a new effort: the Community Energy Initiative.

We are seeking at least 50 customers in Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)’s service territory who receive their power from either PG&E or a local Community Choice Energy program such as MCE to participate in a new project studying how people use energy. The Community Energy Initiative aims to help all communities benefit from California’s rapidly transforming clean energy sector giving them opportunities to get paid to share feedback about their energy use through surveys, and by taking simple actions to reduce home energy use when asked for one to two hours in the evening between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m.

This innovative program has the mission to bring opportunities for clean energy to all communities. Olivine believes that every person deserves to breathe clean air, regardless of their zip code so we are focused on often overlooked communities.

Visit the Olivine Community site for more information.

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