Utility Dive Highlights Olivine Community as a Key Player in Demand Management

Utility Dive Highlights Olivine Community as a Key Player in Demand Management

Olivine’s head of Solutions Engineering and EV expert, Hitesh Soneji joined a panel of national EV professionals to share Olivine’s experience and current innovations in the management of electric vehicles as grid assets. Olivine’s work has been key in enabling CCA’s and utilities to develop and deploy programs and initiatives for load management across diverse distributed energy resource assets.

As Utility Dive noted, Soneji sees the industry “definitely moving out of the pilot phase.” He cited evidence such as the work Olivine is doing in California with Sonoma Clean Power and the Clean Power Alliance on both residential and workplace managed charging programs as part of the Olivine Community deployments there.

“We are slowly building out our asset base to participate in demand response,” Soneji said. “We’re on the cusp of the transition from pilots to real projects with meaningful capacity.”

The EV managed charging industry will need to “constantly adapt,” Soneji said. “Technology is always a challenge,” and companies will eventually need to coalesce around a set of standards that allow for greater interoperability of EV charging hardware and software.

However, he is “not too worried about the technology transition”.

Olivine continues to work in the forefront of resource management and grid integration to enable aggregations of disparate and distributed energy resources that empower local communities.

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