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Olivine DER

Historically, demand for electricity has continued to rise, while seasonal and daily conditions often cause insufficient supply or high prices. Utilities and grid authorities are stretching the capacity of existing generation and are increasingly looking at distributed generation and demand response as effective tools.

Olivine DER is a comprehensive distributed energy resource management system designed to lower costs and realize the value of DERs. It is used by utilities, demand response and other service providers, and resource owners providing solutions for distribution and transmission programs and services. This highly configurable system enables wholesale market and retail participation as well as operational simulation running the gamut from longer term capacity procurements down to real-time frequency regulation integration.   It is utilized as an interface between DER owners and markets / distribution programs, as well as a complete system for managing complex demand response programs.

Comprehensive Solution

The realities of utilizing DERs to provide services beyond bill management involves several distinct actors, all of whom are crucial to the success. Depending on the program — be it direct market bidding, involvement in a retail program, or various other scenarios — these parties may include distribution operations, customer programs staff, aggregators and customers, various regulatory agencies, etc. For wholesale programs, they may also involve utility procurement and ISO/RTO staff. Each of these parties has different operational, reporting and security needs, as well as different scoping requirements in terms of how data are aggregated.

Alternative approaches meet the needs of only a subset of such critical actors, neglecting other parties, or providing them with limited functionality. Olivine DER is a comprehensive solution, offering a rich set of capabilities and information to all involved parties and ensuring that each user has the right tools to maximize the value of the demand response initiative.

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Rapid Program Modeling

The wide variety of today’s demand response programs and factors in which they vary can make the modeling of various programs an extremely costly and time consuming exercise. Many management systems were built to manage a particular type of market product or program and do not provide rapid modeling and extensibility tools. As a result, such software is either unable to adapt to new programs, or requires extensive development, testing and integration.

Olivine DER was specifically designed to solve this problem and makes initial implementation and future expansion much easier. Advanced extensibility and rapid modeling capabilities allow our customers to handle new business rules, workflows, settlement tariffs and baseline algorithms with minimal effort.

Enrollment Process and Resource Management

One of the challenges with today’s programs is the complexity of participation eligibility criteria, such as hardware installation, multiple-program participation conflicts, form submissions, and approval signatures. Often, these requirements are tracked manually in spreadsheets or external databases making the process more difficult and error prone.

Olivine DER offers resource management capabilities with support for flexible entity hierarchies and custom attributes to meet diverse and fluctuating business requirements, to track complex eligibility criteria, and to manage administrative and operational contacts.

Wholesale Market Participation and Integration of Retail Programs

Olivine DER can manage participation in wholesale generation and demand response programs and can link retail and wholesale resources to facilitate enrollment, bid optimization, award tracking, automated dispatch and telemetry aggregation.

Real-Time Operations

Real-time aggregation and disaggregation capabilities provide program operators, aggregators and individual portfolio participants with performance data, including metered load/telemetry, calculated or imported baselines, target load and estimated financial impact.

Additional Features

Olivine DER offers a multitude of advanced features, such as flexible event targeting (e.g., by pricing node, feeder, circuit, or bid price), automatic versioning of meter data and settlement runs for auditing purposes, multiple-window effective periods on business entities and relationships, sophisticated support for nomination schedules and a state of the art authorization system. In addition, Olivine’s Remote Intelligent Gateway (RIG) enables real-time telemetry to integrate demand-side ancillary services with the wholesale market.

The Olivine DER OpenADR module utilizes OpenADR 2.0b for standards-compliant integration with resources for control and telemetry.

More than software

From program design and consulting services, to active management of program operations, to scheduling coordinator services, to integration and hosting of our software (SaaS), Olivine is more than a software vendor. We are a partner you can rely on to ensure that your demand response initiatives meet your needs and achieve your goals. Contact us to learn more about our services.