Transit Electrification

Olivine helps transit districts go electric by providing insight into the energy demands of buses, routes, and charging infrastructure. Olivine’s technology connects E-Buses with electricity markets, transforming bus batteries into grid assets: reducing electricity costs while ensuring fleet operations run without a hitch.  


Olivine services and technologies enable transit district electrification. We start by helping transit districts understand the complexity of electrification and quantify their energy needs. Energy needs are determined through a careful and thorough analysis of fleet operations and electrification goals. The analysis incorporates block (route) dispatches, route flexibility, and charging infrastructure. The results help the transit district assess options related to operations and procurement of vehicles, charging infrastructure, and telemetry systems.

Olivine’s analysis aims first and foremost to ensure successful electric fleet operations. Once fleet operations is secured, Olivine analysis provides critical insight into the electricity charges that will be incurred during operations. Olivine develops an electricity fuel management strategy that starts with understanding rate options, charge timing, and demand charge management. Olivine then extends the analysis to opportunities for additional revenues and bill savings through fleet operations aware, intelligent electricity markets participation.

As electrification proceeds, bus fleets are integrated into the real-time Olivine DER system, connecting  transit district assets with wholesale electricity markets and programs. The system then dynamically controls charging at times of critical grid needs. Always aware of fleet operations, the system optimizes to ensure successful fleet operations and electricity market participation. Through these markets, additional revenues are generated for the transit district, offsetting retail electricity costs, saving the transit district valuable operating dollars.

Olivine is a registered Demand Response Provider (DRP) and Scheduling Coordinator (SC) in California and our DER Management Platform is fully integrated with the California ISO (CAISO). Our operations team manages asset registration, energy and capacity bids, and settlements in the market on a daily basis.


  • Quantitative insight into your E-Bus future
  • Predict electricity bill impact estimates
  • Quantify carbon, SOx, NOx, and PM emissions reductions
  • Optimize fleet operations under electrification
  • Optimize charging approach and charger locations
  • Save Money:
    • Avoid unnecessary demand charges
    • Optimize charging for time of use electricity rates
  • Generate Revenue:
    • Participate in electricity markets
    • Generate Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credits
  • Access to Olivine’s award winning DER Platform
    • Realtime snapshots into fleet energy utilization and charging
    • Insight into electricity bill and bill management
    • Control fleet engagement with the grid