Connecting Distributed Energy Resources To The Grid
The electricity industry is going through transformational changes and Olivine is on the forefront with other leading client and partner companies to define the new energy future. We work cooperatively with utilities, independent system operators (ISOs), aggregators and other resource owners to provide program management, real-time bidding and award monitoring, telemetry and coordinating scheduling coordinator services.


The single most experienced provider in California for integrating demand-side and renewable resources into wholesale markets


Infrastructure and services allow DERs to affordably and efficiently offer grid services and monetize their value


Olivine’s comprehensive technology platform and operational support provides solutions for distribution and transmission programs and services
Change is coming rapidly and our industry silos are challenged to become flexible to integrate volumes of new information, new terms and technologies. Traditional approaches for planning projects and developing expertise are not flexible enough and are exhausting in today’s environment of continual change. Olivine incorporates traditional project planning with more flexible learning models to effectively meet challenges and bust barriers. Our team of subject matter experts apply their deep technical knowledge and capabilities to every project to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Services for Aggregators

Olivine helps aggregators unlock the full value of distributed energy resources (DERs), such as renewable generation, energy storage, electric vehicles and demand response, by integrating these assets into wholesale markets. Our services encompass market entry analyses such as revenue opportunity assessments, ongoing operational management and administrative support. We are a registered Demand Response Provider (DRP) and Scheduling Coordinator (SC) in California and our DER Management Platform is fully integrated with the California ISO (CAISO). Our operations team manages asset registration, energy and capacity bids, and settlements in the market on a daily basis.

We are rooted in deep domain expertise and operational knowledge of these markets, coupled with cutting-edge capabilities for resource telemetry and real-time bidding. Olivine provides a hands on approach and an experienced perspective that covers strategy, policy, IT infrastructure, and operations. Olivine provides a holistic and unique point of view to ensure our customers receive specialized support to overcome obstacles and meet their goals with a wide variety of resources in the market.

Revenue Opportunity Assessments. Olivine helps our customers capitalize on opportunities in the wholesale market by working to understand the specialized needs and business models of aggregators. We then provide our clients with a clear understanding of the opportunities and barriers of wholesale market participation along with associated costs and potential revenue streams. This allows our customers the clear perspective necessary to formulate and implement strategies for unlocking revenue streams from these markets to meet critical business objectives.

Ongoing Operational Management. The knowledgeable and experienced operations team at Olivine take the guesswork out of wholesale market operations. Our staff integrate our customers into the Olivine DER Management Platform and provide support in registering resources, scheduling bids and finalizing settlements to ensure that our customers are realizing the full potential of wholesale market operations.

Services for Utilities & Retail Energy Service Providers

Olivine offers comprehensive solutions to utilities and retail energy service providers with meeting their goals. Whether its policy + regulatory goals to programs that solve for operational grid needs to customer engaging programs, Olivine has the solution to produce a successful end result.

Our method begins and ends with you, our client. We recognize that each situation and project is different and that is why our staff’s main prerogative is to listen and understand what your needs are. From there, our subject matter expert staff will produce a complete program design options and produce accompanying implementation steps that fits your business objectives and timelines.

Enabling “Bring Your Own Technology.”  Olivine recognize the value of technology and how technology plays an integral role with the day-to-day life of any energy user. Olivine’s DER platform allows utilities and retail energy service providers to offer a self-service “Bring Your Own Technology” DR or DER program to assist participating customers.

Ongoing Program Management Support. Program management can be onerous and costly at times. Olivine’s service and technology can assist in all facets. From contracting to enrollment, event notification to customer incentive pay out, our staff is capable to deliver an efficient and effective solution. Our staff will maintain the day-to-day operations to wholly manage and support any DR or DER program operations – seasonally or year-round, 24 hours x 7 days.

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