DER Coalition

Join this collective group of companies working collaboratively to ensure the full potential of DERs is realized.

Distributed energy resources (DERs) are poised for massive and rapid growth over the next decade. State’s such as California and New York are pursuing policies that are spurring phenomenal growth in renewable resources, storage including electric vehicles and other DERs.

Grid Operators are looking for ways to better integrate resources and capture their value in the wholesale markets. In order to help companies cost-effectively access market grid services  markets for distributed energy resources, Olivine and its partners are working to establish a DER Coalition for distributed energy resource owners, aggregators and other key market players.

DER companies are paving the way to the clean energy economy and a new electricity grid can work together to share the risk and rewards of leadership.

Industry Change Makers

Who is involved?

DER Coalition members include resource owners, technology manufacturers, project developers, aggregators, storage system providers and other clean tech industry leaders.

We are technology and business model-neutral, and are supported solely by the contributions and coordinated activities of our members.

How does it work?

The purpose of the DER Coalition is to:

  • Provide members with infrastructure and related services to provide grid services efficiently and effectively.
  • Aggregate member capabilities into resources with sufficient capacity to gain access to the market that they may not have on their own.
  • Bridge the gaps between the regulatory, financial and the operational spheres.
  • Keep information flowing back to regulator and markets staff to keep looking forward to future needs.
  • Cost-share on pilot projects to address rules and regulatory barriers.

Partner Benefits

Leverage Market Power

Education & Mindshare

Members enjoy quarterly educational webinars, updates on emerging issues, and the opportunity to network with other partners at regularly scheduled gatherings.

Implementation Support

As a Coalition member, you receive expert assistance and consultation from industry experts and access to discounted operational, legal, engineering, and market services. 

Market Access

Coalition members have access to market simulations and preparation services, as well as tools to help them enter the wholesale energy market and optimize results.

Business Strategy

Gain access to our Revenue Opportunities report, which includes in depth analysis of challenges and opportunities in wholesale energy markets, as well as rich business analytics data assessing market performance and strategy.

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