Newly appointed Vice President of Resource Acquisition and Development, Joe Bourg, was a pivotal
team member of the SunSmart Ames Community Solar Project which received a Top Project of the Year
Award in the elite 2021 Environment + Energy Leader Awards Program. Prior to joining Olivine, Mr.
Bourg was the lead consultant to the City of Ames Iowa where he led the program design, solar project
siting and conceptual design, and developer selection process. As part of the program design process,
Mr. Bourg developed a capacity-based purchasing mechanism, termed Power Packs, wherein program
participants would purchase a share of the solar project’s capacity in return for energy billing credits for
the next 20 years. Mr. Bourg was also instrumental in the siting of the project, recommending the
current project site and size after evaluating over 15 alternative sites, and provided guidance and
assistance in receiving FAA approval for the project as it was sited adjacent to a municipal airport. He
also developed the conceptual project design and specifications for the solar plant, and led the RFP
development, proposal review and developer selection process.

One of Mr. Bourg’s key contributions to the project was providing his expertise in econometric modeling
and development of the distributed solar PV project and program pro formas – which were used to set
the size and pricing of the Power Packs for program participants. Mr. Bourg brings this valuation
expertise to Olivine where he has led the development of Olivine’s Distributed Energy Resource
Valuation Model (DER-VM) which Olivine utilizes to develop program pro formas to inform DER use
cases strategies, program design elements, and incentive structures and amounts. The DER-VM has
been used to support numerous DER and demand response program designs and customer offerings
administered or offered by Olivine, including Olivine’s flagship DER program ClimateResponse™. For
more information on Olivine’s DER-VM analysis services or its ClimateResponse program, please contact
Mr. Bourg at jbourg at