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The Olivine Way

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In our industry, the future has been just around the corner for decades. Now change is coming rapidly and our industry silos are challenged to become flexible, to integrate volumes of new information, new terms and new technologies. Traditional approaches for planning projects and developing expertise are not flexible enough and are exhausting in today’s environment of continual change. The Olivine Way™ incorporates traditional project planning with more flexible learning models for an integrated approach to meeting challenges with continual learning as a basis. An awareness and understanding of possible challenges that may be met and lessons learned allow you to jump over or go around barriers.

A critical element of this methodology is the proof of concept project. The best way to learn is by doing and Olivine is committed to the value of such real-world projects as part of the preparation effort. As the understanding of pertinent issues progresses, and how they interact increases, the future becomes clearer and nearer.

Olivine has the skills and capabilities to support proof of concept pilots. As a registered Demand Response Provider (DRP) and Scheduling Coordinator (SC) in California, along with Olivine’s certified Remote Intelligent Gateway (RIG) , the company is able to quickly initiate projects. Olivine’s innovative technology infrastructure also includes an IDSM (Integrated Demand Side Management System) which allows for rapid modeling and deployment and is specifically designed to ease pain points surrounding complex and changing baselines, settlements, and program rules. Capabilities include real-time telemetry for ancillary services, and automation and APIs to support market dispatch and notifications.

A proof of concept project is one of the ways the wrap-around approach of the Olivine WayTM incorporates continual cycles of learning to be flexible enough to adjust when the waves around us knock us off the original course set. By understanding priorities and integrating new tools and capabilities, you will be flexible, confident and prepared to achieve success.