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The Olivine Way

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Our client’s success is Olivine’s success. We believe in real partnerships where our goals are one in the same. With the right preparation and collaborators we will triumph in realizing our goals.

To effectively execute proof of concept projects and provide expertise to our clients, Olivine maintains the infrastructure and the expertise to provide systems and/or manage program operations. Capabilities include detailed implementation, contracting and enrollment, as well as full administration and management. Olivine’s experience and capabilities enable us to provide our clients with unique perspectives in developing efficient operational processes and are able to transition to or from our clients as needed in partnership with them to achieve their goals. Olivine’s systems, including the Remote Intelligent Gateway (RIG) and the Integrated Demand Management System (IDSM) can be deployed as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, maintained by Olivine Platform Services. The platform consists of core architectural functionality and optional layers designed to scale up and out, enabling the delivery of customized features for every implementation.

Olivine can design and develop all or some of the required systems and processes, providing lessons learned from other experiences and transitioning to or from our clients as needed to realize objectives.