Robert W. Anderson, CTO

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Robert W. Anderson is an accomplished software architect and entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience delivering commercial applications and services.   Robert brings that experience to Olivine leveraging his unique talent in designing for vision and building teams that turn that design into reality.  Olivine is a good fit for Robert because of his personal goal to meaningfully contribute to IDSM to reduce energy use in a significant way.

Robert entered the energy industry at Quantum Consulting in Berkeley, California.  During his tenure he led multi-million dollar software and consulting services projects focused on energy efficiency and program evaluation.  Highlights include automating survey work with tablet PCs, building cross-platform energy reporting tools, and building an interval meter data tracking system for FP&L.

Robert was a founder of Energy Interactive (EI), an energy information systems and services company.  As the Vice President of Technology he led the software development and product management teams in order to achieve the vision.   At EI, he was responsible for the architecture underlying the entire EI product suite — including the pricing, billing, and meter-data products as well as Energy Profiler Online which is still used by a significant number of utilities today.  He played a major role in the subsequent acquisition of EI by ABB, where, after integrating into the large multi-national organization, he continued to lead technology efforts for the ABB Retail Energy Systems Group.

Robert is a founder of Digipede Technologies, the leading provider of distributed computing solutions on the Microsoft .NET platform.  As the CTO, he architected and built the platform to scale compute-intensive applications.  Key verticals for Digipede include electric utilities and financial services companies where pricing and risk analysis are mission-critical applications.

Robert holds a B.A. in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley and is a member of IEEE.