Pando Tiritas, Director Platform Services

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Pando Tiritas is an expert in retail demand response programs across the nation.  Pando brings this experience to Olivine overseeing the Olivine software platform and related services from the perspective of product management, platform strategy, and even development.   His 17 years of management and hands-on experience in professional services, product management and software development, as well as his 12 years in the energy services software industry make him a perfect fit.

Prior to joining Olivine, Pando served as outside consultant to Oracle and APX, helping define the product design and direction of their demand response and meter data management solutions. Previously, he held management positions in the professional services organizations of Schneider Electric, ABB and Energy Interactive, where he was responsible for projects and systems relating to demand response and energy management for major investor-owned utilities and US ISOs/RTOs.

Pando holds Masters and Bachelors degrees from the University of California, Berkeley.