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Unprecedented changes are occurring to the electricity grid motivated by environmental priorities, renewable integration, electric vehicle adoption, and Smart Grid deployment.

Meeting the challenges created by these changes requires more than smarter use of electricity, it requires responsible use. Demand Responsible™ is utilizing Smart Grid and the modern Web to enable responsive demand using consumer outreach; classic demand response; dynamic rates and market signals; energy efficiency; and smart integration of storage and PEVs, enabling a cleaner energy future.

To support responsible demand, Olivine delivers technology, operations, programs, and consulting services in an innovative wrap-around approach to tackle all sides of a problem from regulatory to implementation down to consumer use cases. This approach, part of the Olivine Way™, allows Olivine to make a bigger impact by ensuring ultimate value in the projects we undertake.

That’s why Olivine has developed capabilities to support pilots and activities in the wholesale DR market. Olivine’s Remote Intelligent Gateway (RIG), for example, has been fully validated by the California ISO. Olivine is also a registered Demand Response Provider (DRP) Scheduling Coordinator (SC) in the California market and is pursuing similar certifications in other markets. Maintaining these applications and credentials allows Olivine great flexibility in helping clients navigate through myriad issues in DR implementation — from regulatory, to design, operations and more, Olivine has the tools to “wrap-around” the problem.

What is Olivine?

Our Principles

As a certified DBE (Diversified Business Enterprise) Olivine maintains strong adherence to guiding principles:

  • Olivine is a meritocracy where intelligence, value and ability are appreciated and rewarded.
  • We value diversity, including, diversity of background and thought to make us stronger and better able to serve our clients.
  • We are agile and rise to the challenges in today’s changing market; we don’t just complete tasks.
  • We recognize and appreciate the contributions made by every team member; we leverage each other’s capabilities to be successful.
  • We focus on clear and effective communications through fierce conversations that are authentic, courageous and clear.
  • We value a flexible work environment so we can optimize our impact.