CAISO Stakeholder Symposium 2011

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Olivine was pleased to participate in the 2011 CAISO Symposium and Technology Showcase on September 7-8th.  With the large number and broad spectrum of attendees this year we had anticipated some interesting discussions and we were not disappointed.  This page details some of the topics we presented at the Symposium. To stay posted about Olivine’s activities please subscribe to our mailing list here.

The Olivine Learning Platform

Olivine is dedicated to bringing sustainable resources to the grid and is launching new initiatives to achieve California’s 33% RPS goal.  As such we elected to present our new Learning Platform and demonstrate real-world grid operational scenarios:

  • Solutions for Renewable Intermittency Issues
  • Aggregating Untapped Demand Response
  • Ramp Smoothing with Battery Storage
  • Addressing Winter Peaks with Price Signals

Olivine’s Learning Platform has been specifically developed to facilitate an understanding of the operational processes and needs around integrating sustainable resources into the grid.  With all the changes going on in our industry it is difficult to stay on top of all the issues and maintain expertise in a variety of areas.   We believe that the key to success is in understanding how the issues and processes interact.  Our presentation at the CAISO Symposium and Technology Showcase was not meant to be a comprehensive training but to facilitate an awareness of the ‘real-world’ operations and to support the anticipated discussions around the issues.

Since the Symposium we’ve had some inquiries about presenting those scenarios to their internal teams to provide some illumination on issues they may be having.  Its gratifying to see that the Learning Platform is helping to shed some light as retail and wholesale activities continue to integrate in California.  If you or your team would like to see a presentation of the scenarios please let us know!

The Power of Us™

Olivine’s dedication to bringing sustainable resources to the grid has led us to develop the Learning Platform to attempt to fill a gap in understanding that we see as a potential barrier in the marketplace.   Olivine is committed to making a significant and unique contribution to achieving this goal and as such as launched the Power of Us™ initiative.  Using our own Olivine Way™ methodology we can address the complex and rapid changes in the industry through a wrap-around approach.  This is ideal for addressing complex situations where an integration of different types of activities, expertise and technologies which have historically been separated are required in order to reach your goals.

When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps. — Confuscious

Under the Power of Us™ initiative Olivine plans to manage campaigns and pilots to demonstrate the impact that can be made from aggregations of smaller, focused resources.  Largely grass roots efforts, the greatest learning can be achieved through doing.

Under this effort Olivine has already launched a pilot for Proxy Demand Resources (PDR) for Direct Access customers in California.  We have completed all of our registrations and as a certified Scheduling Coordinator intend to make the first bids into the market subsequent to the CAISO Symposium.  We plan to publish our lessons learned throughout this process and hope to help others participate directly in the market.

You can sign up to follow us on Twitter or Facebook and join us in this process as we bid and continue to learn about PDR in California.

We hope that you will follow us as we use the Olivine Way™ to develop and perform proof of concept projects.

The Olivine RIG

At the Symposium, we discussed several scenarios where the Olivine RIG acts as a telemetry gateway for renewable and demand response resources into the wholesale market. The Olivine RIG, or Remote Intelligent Gateway, provides real-time visibility into resource output and is an example where Olivine has applied its resources to reduce the barriers to California wholesale market integration.

In California, real-time visibility is provided to the ISO through a validated Remote Intelligent Gateway (RIG) which is required for participation in the Ancillary Services market. The RIG must provide real-time telemetry using the DNP 3 protocol over an encrypted channel. The requirement itself can pose many challenges in terms of metering, network provisioning, RIG selection, siting and installation which can be costly. The cost and the associated risks are a significant barrier for projects especially for smaller resources. The Olivine RIG was designed specifically to ease the integration challenges and reduce the barriers for smaller and aggregated resources by leveraging the Olivine Software as a Service model employed for the Olivine Integrated Demand Side Management system enabling these resources to participate cost-effectively in the market. The Olivine RIG has been in production since early 2011, providing telemetry to the CAISO 24×7.

At the Symposium, we announced the availability of the Olivine RIG as a hosted solution and also discussed our road map for making it available in other ways. Please contact us for more information.