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PG&E IRM2 Information Posted

March 25th, 2014 by Robert W. Anderson

We recently posted some introductory materials on the PG&E Intermittent Renewable Management (IRM2) Pilot, here:

The Intermittent Renewable Management Pilot Phase 2 (IRM2) is a PG&E Pilot focused on integrating demand-side resources into the CAISO market. The Pilot enables participants to earn capacity and wholesale payments through direct participation in the CAISO using the Proxy Demand Resource (PDR) product. Olivine acts as the Pilot administrator and CAISO Scheduling Coordinator. While the initial phase of the pilot is limited to the Day-Ahead Market, a subsequent phase will add Real-Time markets and services.

Along with the help in designing this pilot, Olivine is administering it and facilitating the wholesale market participation as the Scheduling Coordinator. The pilot is currently underway and is still enrolling participants. Follow the link for more information on the pilot and how to get involved.

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