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ISO Panel at CESA

February 1st, 2013 by Spence Gerber

Last week I attended the California Energy Storage Alliance annual meeting and had the privilege of participating in a panel on the progress and activities needed to bring storage resources into the wholesale market in California.

Spence on CESA PanelWhile my fellow panelists discussed some of the market and regulatory initiatives that are conducive to storage participation as well as resources designed to keep parties informed about those changes, I was able to share some of Olivine’s experience in the deployment of those initiatives.

In particular, Olivine has participated in the CAISO market simulations for Non Generator Resources (NGR), will be participating in their upcoming FERC Order 755 frequency regulation pay for performance market simulation and are engaged in other stakeholder processes and initiatives related to renewable and emerging technology integration.

While taking advantage of listening to other panels and speakers throughout the day, it underscored for me the opportunities for emerging technology to find areas for revenue, even if temporarily, on the way to wholesale market integration.  That is, that rather than just focus on the path to wholesale market integration, it makes sense to treat some situations as a continuum.  While the ultimate goal may continue to be wholesale market integration, interim opportunities at the customer and utility level along the way can in some cases make an impact and provide revenues more quickly.

It was a worthwhile and educational event and, as always, I enjoyed the opportunity to meet some new people and to share my perspectives on these important topics.

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