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Come by our booth at the CAISO Symposium

September 6th, 2011 by Olivine Team

If you are attending the 2011 CAISO Stakeholder Symposium, please come by the Olivine booth.

One of the major issues facing the CAISO and California is achieving the 33% Renewable Procurement Standard (RPS).  At the show, we will be demonstrating scenarios to help attendees see how green resources and the smart grid can be used to address some of the challenges that emerge with increased renewables.

These scenarios will be presented using the Olivine Learning Platform and include:

  • Aside from typical renewables, how can other green resources help on the wholesale side?
    • DR for immediate and short term grid needs
    • Using untapped DR as a resource for peak load days
    • Storage to displace regulation from thermal units
  • What opportunities exist without wholesale integration?
    • A holiday lighting price to device proof of concept

Of course, we can also talk to you about the pilots we are launching as well as the Olivine RIG and Olivine IDSM System.  And we even have a cool give away (thanks, Spence)!

You can find more information on what we are presenting here.

Hope to see you there!

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