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RDT Submitted

August 29th, 2011 by Spence Gerber

Note: this is one in a series of posts chronicling the Olivine Power of Us™ PDR Proof of Concept.

Being at the leading edge of a new product is a great learning experience, providing us with lessons and some challenges, every step of the way.  Our next step is defining the Resource Data Template (RDT) which provides certain operational characteristics for our PDR to the ISO.

Several attempts were made to upload the completed RDT through the CAISO Masterfile User Interface (UI) but it was rejected.

The first rejection indicated that the file was of an unknown format, which seemed weird since we did nothing to modify the template that the CAISO sent us.  Turns out we did do something to modify the template, it was saved as an Excel 2010 file and the CAISO UI only accepts files in the Excel 2007 format!

After saving the file in the Excel 2007 (with the minor loss of fidelity that comes with that) we submitted it again and while the upload was successful, there were a number of errors associated with the template.  Reviewing the error messages, it turned out that all the errors were either in fields that didn’t contain data or were not modifiable by the user (us).

After a number of email exchanges with the RDT team at the CAISO, somebody finally asked, “is that RDT for a PDR?”  It turns out that you can’t use the MasterFile UI for PDR RDTs since the PDR template doesn’t exactly match the standard template for a generator.  Once this was clarified we sent our RDT to the CAISO via email for validation and processing.  We lost a bit of time in the process since neither the BPM nor RDT process documentation indicates that an RDT for a PDR must be processed manually.

This experience with the RDT upload identified several challenges for DR providers in the market — we’ll be sure to include these lessons in our ultimate white paper.

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