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Registering a PDR

August 8th, 2011 by Spence Gerber

Note: this is one in a series of posts chronicling the Olivine Power of Us™ PDR Proof of Concept.

There are a few things that you need to know about a customer to include them in a PDR:

  1. Address
  2. UDC Account Number
  3. Their Load Serving Entity
  4. The UDC Sub-LAP where the customer is located

Turns out the first three are pretty easy to figure out, but determining the Sub-LAP is not.

Determining the Sub-Lap

A Sub-LAP is a zone within a UDC service territory that has specific locational reliability requirements that are more stringent than the total system or UDC area.  This is important because a PDR can only contain accounts that are all located in a single Sub-LAP and have the same Load Serving Entity.  Determining the Sub-LAP is challenging because the UDC Sub-LAPs (Load Aggregation Point) aren’t published anywhere and it actually only really matters to the CAISO.   Because Sub-LAPs are defined by a specific collection of substations, it is virtually impossible for anyone but the UDC or the CAISO to determine what substation serves a customer let alone what substation is in which Sub-LAP.

Another wrinkle here is that since PDRs aren’t in everyday use, the UDC hasn’t established the method for conveying Sub-LAP information to a customer or a DRP.  Ultimately, the CAISO had to step in and help identify the Sub-LAP for each of our customer locations.

This posed a problem because it wasn’t until we were ready to register our PDR that we could determine if the participants could be placed within the same PDR due to the single-Sub-LAP rule.  We found that the customers were in multiple Sub-LAPs, and ultimately decided that only one PDR is necessary to achieve the goals of the proof of concept; so chose the Sub-LAP with the greatest number of locations.  This eliminated about half of the available curtailable demand but still was well above the 100kW minimum required for an individual PDR.

Establishing the LSE

At this point, we had all the information we needed to register the PDR; however, there was one major problem.  When it came time to enter the customer information in the CAISO Demand Response System (DRS), we were unable to identify the customer’s LSE because the LSE wasn’t available in the dropdown menu.  The LSE must execute an agreement with the CAISO to have them appear in the DRS.  This poses an interesting problem, because there is nothing requiring an LSE to engage with the CAISO in this way; however, thanks to a very cooperative LSE, that barrier was removed, but it took a bit of time to process the agreement and update the DRS with the information.

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