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Olivine becomes an SC

April 6th, 2011 by Spence Gerber

Note: this is one in a series of posts chronicling the Olivine Power of Us™ PDR Proof of Concept.

In order to interact with the CAISO for most purposes, you must be a certified Scheduled Coordinator (SC).  Operational capabilities as well as financial responsibility and risk are required to become an SC and interact directly in the wholesale market.  This can create a barrier to entry for entities who may have demand response available but do not have the capabilities, expertise or status to become an SC.  There is a limited number of third party SCs available in the market and the cost associated with the service is greater than can be readily justified by most small resources.  Olivine had started the detailed process of becoming a Scheduling Coordinator prior to beginning this project as a critical part of providing knowledge, infrastructure and support for innovative activities.   Delivering proof of concept projects – the best learning is through doing – is the core of  the Olivine WayTM.

Numerous steps, including filling out forms, operational tests and executing agreements are finally complete.  Now that we are an SC,  we move forward with our project, certain steps, such as submitting a RDT once we register a PDR, will be managed by Olivine and hopefully simplify some of the processes by reducing the amount of communication that would be necessary if SC services were being performed by a third party.

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