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Potential Direct Access Customers Identified

February 14th, 2011 by Spence Gerber

Note: this is one in a series of posts chronicling the Olivine Power of Us™ PDR Proof of Concept.

With the proof of concept fairly well fleshed out, the next step is identifying participants.

One of the opportunities for the project is to attract DR that might otherwise go unused.  Many programs require that load be curtailed for multiple hours – a non-starter for many consumers.  Many more consumers can contribute with shorter duration curtailments of something in the range of 30 minutes.  While no specific wholesale product exists (such as 30 minute energy) that would be a good fit for these types of customers, with a large enough aggregation and management of the end use customers, it may be possible to bring untapped DR to the market.  Several aggregators expressed interest in participating in the project.   A friendly DR aggregator said, “I’m intrigued and I have customers that might be a good fit for what you are talking about.”  While these customers aren’t limited to 30 minute event durations, the fact that our project has the flexibility to limit our event duration to one hour makes it possible for these customers to participate.

Although prohibitions on bundled customers participating directly persist, several DA customers indicated they had the capabilities and were interested in participating.  To simplify the steps in registering the PDR, it was decided to allow Direct Access participants from within a single UDC, and also that are served by a single LSE for this first phase of the project.


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